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All You Need to Know !

SAP Cloud ALM is an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) offering of SAP for customers that use only (or at least predominantly) cloud solutions from SAP and do not want to deploy an own ALM platform on premise for managing them.


The idea of SAP Cloud ALM was conceived as a portal for S/4HANA Cloud Implementations. It had following 3 main purposes;

SCOPING: Defines scope for implementation project, e.g Companies, Business Areas and Timelines

ONBOARDING: Performs fast and convenient onboarding of implementation team members and assignment to roles

MONITOR: Monitors the progress of implementation task execution

Usage Rights:

SAP Cloud ALM usage rights are included in SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions. 

 You are entitled to use SAP Cloud ALM ;  

A. If you subscribe to an SAP Cloud Service (including SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions) , like SAP SuccessFactors, Ariba, Hybris, S/4HANA Cloud etc... 


B. After you sign an amendment to your SAP Enterprise Support agreement

The Functional aspects of Cloud ALM is to cover following tracks of ALM concpets for Cloud products;

A. Requirement to deploy (SAP Cloud ALM Build) 

Discovery and functional scoping 

Fit to standard

Change, release, deployment down to production

Manual and automated testing

Managing Extensibility and Integration

B. Detect to correct (SAP Cloud ALM Run)

Integration & user monitoring 

Process monitoring

Root-cause analysis

Auto-reactions to alerts

Target customers of SAP Cloud ALM are cloud-only, cloud first, and cloud-centric customers of SAP. They typically have no SAP Solution Manager and no (or very little) SAP applications deployed on premise. All other SAP customers may use it as well if they have a valid SAP Enterprise Support maintenance agreement. Even though SAP Cloud ALM starts with the focus on SaaS offerings of SAP, it will also cover on-premise applications in the future. This is the foundation for proper ALM of hybrid solutions.