Extensive SAP Academy as well as Corporate Training exposure for multi national clients and training providers.  Conducted  tailored onsite classroom trainings in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Ethiopia & U.A.E.  

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SAP Academy ILT Training

+ SM100 : SAP Solution Manager Configuration for Operations
+ SM200/250 : IT Service Management Configuration
+ SM255 : Change Request Management – Configuration
+ SM300 : Business Process Interface Monitoring
+ SMI310 : Implementation Projects with SAP Solution Manager
+ TSM10 : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Implementation Academy
+ E2E040 : Manage Digital Transformation with SAP Solution Manager
+ E2E110 : Application Operations
+ E2E120 : Technical Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager
+ E2E200 : Change Control Management
+ E2E220 : Test Management
+ E2E300 : Business Process Operations
+ E2E500 : Test Suite on SAP Solution Manager
+ E2E600 : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 for SAP S/4HANA Implementations
+ TE2E10 : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 - E2E Operations Academy
+ ACT100 : SAP Activate Methodology


SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Tailored Topics Training

For S/4Hana Project team & Project Managers 
* SAP Solution Manager 7.2 for S4Hana Implementation (based on Activate Methodology)
* Focused Build Coaching

For SAP Basis and IT teams
* SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Installation and Configurations
* E2E Root Cause Analysis Configuration and Usage
* Change Request Management Configuration and Usage 
* Technical Monitoring, Alerting, Reporting Configuration and Usage 
* IT Service Management Configuration and Usage 

For SAP Functional & Super Users 
* Solution Documentation Configuration and Usage
* Business Process Monitoring and Configuration & Usage 
* Custom Code Management Cockpit Configuration and Usage
* Data Volume Management Configuration and Usage
* E2E Test Management Configuration and Usage

SAP Enable Now Trainer

SAP Enable Now Landscape Design
SAP Enable Now Author Training
SAP Enable Now Admin Training
Implementation & Design Workshops & Handholding
SEN100 - SAP Enable Now Basic Training for Authors
SEN200 - SAP Enable Now - Training for Master Authors
SEN30E - SAP Enable Now - Training for Consultant and Implementation Partners






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